We provide a 2 year warranty on the purchase of a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses.

The warranty covers a one-time replacement or repair of frame and/or lenses due to defect in material and/or workmanship or accident, at no charge within two years of purchase at original point of sale, with original receipt and presentation of your glasses. Additional repairs and/or replacements will be subject to a $25 fee each time the frame is repaired or replaced, and a $25 fee each time the lenses are repaired or replaced. Replacement of lenses is limited to the same prescription as the original purchase made under warranty and does not apply to a change in prescription or a change to lens type. The decision as to whether to repair or replace is at our discretion.

Warranty does not apply to lenses that become scratched if purchased without Scratch Resistant or anti-reflective coating.

Warranty does not apply to lost or stolen eyeglasses. We encourage you to take good care of your glasses, keep them in a case when not in use, and use eyeglass cleaner and cloth to wipe your lenses.

Rest assured, you can bring your glasses into one of our stores at any time for a complimentary cleaning and adjustment.

Eyeglass refund policy

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your eyeglass purchase, we will refund the full amount paid on your frame and half the amount paid on your lenses and coatings, if returned within 14 days along with your original receipt. Trust our licensed Opticians to help you find your perfect frame. Eye exams are easily arranged, and glasses are expertly fitted, all by our licensed Opticians.

• If your prescription should change within 60 days of purchase, we will replace the lenses with the new prescription once at no additional cost to you.

• If within 60 days of purchase you are unable to adjust to your progressive lenses, we will change them to single vision or lined bifocal lenses at no additional cost to you.

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